Make Your Business Sign Memorable

Make Your Business Sign Memorable

One of the best advertising tools you have as a business owner is your sign. We’ve mentioned before that business signs can be responsible for up to 80% of new customers for start-up businesses. Signs are the biggest advertising bang for your buck. You’ll pay x-amount of dollars for pay-per-click advertising, but your business’ sign gets thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands!) of views every day. It’s an investment that keeps on giving.

One of the biggest things you can do for your business is to design a sign that is memorable.

Think about some signs that you clearly remember. McDonalds? What about the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign? Or even the famous Hollywood sign. Each of these signs have become icons and are easily recognized by people all over the world. What do they have in common?


Make Your Business Sign MemorableSuccessful signs don’t hold back. They are huge, bright, 3-dimensional, and aren’t too shy to stick out in their environment. Don’t be afraid to play with contrast, context, or fun colors. Use lights and movement to make your sign really stick out

Lights create a dramatic effect. When you are driving around, observe signs during the day and then see them at night. Back lit, front lit and external lighting all create an ambiance for that business that attracts attention


Make Your Business Sign MemorableIn an ideal situation, signs will contrast their surroundings and be seen long before anyone is looking for them. The Hollywood sign is a great example of this – the stark white letters contrasting with the surrounding greenery makes it a landmark you can’t miss. Its uneven placement on the side of the hill has made it an icon and a tourist attraction.

Memorable Signs DisneySometimes a logo or an image is used to represent a brand. Think of the steeples of the castle at Disneyland. Without even seeing the words, you recognize them and even more so at night when they are dramatically lit.

Make your sign and logo unique so that people recognize your business before they even see your name.

Stretch Boundaries

Memorable Sign Stretch BoundariesBreak the rules and add interest with electronic message boards to your sign. The images and movement of the changing messages will gain attention. How many times have you driven down a street and look at a message board to see what it says, especially when the business is clever with their information.

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