Creating Impulse Sales Using Signs

Great Business Signs

One of the many challenges that we brick and mortar stores experience during this age of internet is that many of our customers are doing more and more research. While it’s a great time to be a customer with so many options and flexibility when it comes to making purchases, it’s hard for business owners to compete for attention and keep up with all of the competition locally and online.

Great Business SignsSo what are some ways that we can capture the attention of potential customers and turn those leads into sales? Most of the customers we are reaching towards have the financial means to spend extra money on our products and services – but they are too busy to search for us or wander into our stores. They are shopping for convenience. So what is the best way to capture these potential customers?

Many companies (including Best Buy) have attributed a significant margin of their sales to their signage. A good portion of the time, shoppers don’t set out to find us – rather they see your sign in passing and feel compelled to browse.

Companies who invest in new signs often report sales increases of up to 20% – which can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

So how do we increase the attraction of our business signs?

Great Business SignsWhen brainstorming new sign ideas, you should be keeping in mind your target audience. What sorts of designs do they find visually appealing? Clean, sleek designs work well for some customer bases while it will turn off others. The bottom line across the board is that your sign must be eye-catching and include a simple and tempting message – whether implied or explicit. Your sign should be noticeable and easily recognized by those looking for your product or service.

The right sign will tell your potential customers who you are and what you are selling in such a way that is aesthetically appealing and uses minimal wording. Impulse shoppers aren’t going to stop for a sign that doesn’t reflect something that they might want or need. The first time they read your sign, they should know exactly what you offer. Additional information should be available once they enter your building or come closer.


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