Meet Our Team

Dawn Homa


Leaving Corporate America was the best thing I ever did! The sign industry is so much fun and creative. I love to brainstorm with our clients and staff to come up with unusual ways to make signs. Every day I learn something new and different. We have a great team at Signarama Brighton and that is the key to our success and growth

I love animals and that is why we are an animal friendly shop. My dog, Maggie, and cat, Pumpkin, come in each day. It’s nice to have them here. Our customers also enjoy coming in to see them.

When I’m not at the shop, you’ll find me in the barn with my horse and donkeys, working in the yard, walking my 3 dogs, or relaxing and reading a book. One day I hope to write a book about the sign industry. You really can’t make some of this stuff up!

Laura Long

Office Manager

I began my career in the sign industry while attending the Art Institute of Colorado in 2000. After 16 years in the sign industry I have gotten to experience many aspects of sign making from design and production to quoting and project management. I love the creative aspects of the sign industry and the ever changing technology.

When I am not making signs I enjoy spending time with my daughter Hannah at the park or visiting the Museum of Nature and Science. I also enjoy reading, art and music. I have also been known to be an excellent singer, while driving in my car, alone….

Mallory Lynn

Marketing Manager

If you have spent a few moments having a casual conversation with me either on the phone or in the store, it was probably about football. I am a big Denver Bronco fan (did I say BIG? Ha ha) and if you catch me on the right Monday or Thursday I could be wearing my Bronco Jersey! I, also, played competitive softball growing up for close to 15 years, so it is easy to say that sports is big influence on my life. Being somewhat of an odd-ball, I have always been interested in art and all things creative as well. Since I was a little girl my mom would take me to the art museum every first Saturday to see the new exhibits and do all the arts and crafts. This eventually turned out to be the fuel for my creative fire and turned into a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Colorado Mesa University in Graphic Design & Animation. Six years ago, I found myself here in Brighton working for Dawn and growing every day in sales and design. I absolutely love coming to work, meeting new people, and helping them visualize their sign needs. Come in and see us – you may get a football conversation out of the deal!

Liz Gutierrez

Sales Manager

My name is Liz, I was born and raised in Brighton, CO. I’m the Sales Manager. This position fits like a glove for me because I enjoy meeting new people and get to work with a great team in Signarama. I like helping in my community since my sisters have been involved for several years. On my free time I spend time with my family, friends and watching my Broncos kick butt! My ultimate dream is to win the lottery and travel the world, it’s still a work in progress. On that note, POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!

Victoria Lopez

Customer Service & Inside Sales

Hello! I am new to the sign industry, but already learning so much from our wonderful team here at Signarama. I am super excited to be on board! I have about 15 years of customer service. I am from the small town of Alamosa, CO. I grew up around alot of agriculture and farming. On my free time you will find me camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding and spending quality time with my family and friends. Music is life to me!

Daniel Gallina

Graphic Designer & Production

Hello, my name is Daniel, Dan, Danny… all are accepted! My design/production career began in the events industry. Designing and producing everything from dance floor graphics, stage backdrops and temporary graphic arches. Here at Signarama Brighton, I oversee everything that happens in the production area and even sometimes help out with installs. When I am not at work, I like to explore the mountains of Colorado by hiking and snowboarding. I, also, have an extensive plant collection and am always on the lookout for something rare and unusual.

Kodak Cox

Graphic Designer & Production

Hello, I work both in design and in production at Signarama Brighton. I have close to 5 years of print production doing things like business cards and portfolios, but I always wanted to go bigger and better. Since starting at Signarama, I’ve designed and built everything from vehicle decals to facade signs to ADA signs. The best part about my job is seeing each job move through design and production and into the customers hands. We really do find a way to create just about anything! I’ve always had an eye for art and have been studying it since 2012, my favorite style of art is renaissance paintings. When I am not at the shop, I love to skateboard, play video games and hang out with my chihuahua Poncho!

Todd Linder

Installation & Production

Hi! I work at Signarama performing installation and production of orders. I am new to the sign manufacturing industry, but I have enjoyed learning all of the machines and their functions and unique uses. One of my favorite things about my job is finding solutions and new methods to building and creating signs. Sometimes they can be very tricky to make look perfect, but we have a lot of tricks to have them come out looking amazing! I have always been naturally creative and love working with my hands. When I’m not making signs you can usually find me rock climbing or playing some video games with friends.

JB Colson

Operations Greeting Coordinator

Hello, my name is Jamenson, but all my friends call me JB! I’m new to the sign industry but excited to see how everything works. I have past experience doing stock in a warehouse but have loved learning and printing signs on our flatbed machine. When I’m not at work, I enjoy playing video games with friends, longboarding and baking! 


Director of Entertainment


Director Diva

I’m Miss Diva. I was dumped at the shelter at 10 years young. My new mom fostered me and then decided she couldn’t let me go. I’m now the Diva of Signarama and get to come to the office every day. Life is good.


Chief BallPlayer Officer

I’m Francis Lynn (Frankie for short). I was born on a farm in Colorado Springs where my mom found me. I am the runt amongst my brother and sister. My birth mom (with one good eye) was full of love a warmth. I guess you could say this was a little foreshadowing for my life because a little over one year ago I officially went blind. I haven’t let it deter my way of life whatsoever! I am still the chief ballplayer as I am an expert in listening and smelling where the ball is. The biggest impact this probably has had on me is those dang rabbits! I just can’t tell where they are anymore. I love to camp with my hoomans and go on walks. If anything going blind has gotten me more sympathy snacks!


Executive Director of Security

I LOVE playing with tennis balls but am very picky about which ones and only like the ones that squeak. If my brother, Hogan, has the squeaky ball, I will grab it away from him! I know lots of tricks and love to show them off. Sometimes I get so excited I just start going through my repertoire. This usually gets me lots of treats! I used to be afraid of people, but now I think everyone is my friend.


Operations Manager of Fashion & Wardrobe

I may look like a fancy pants, but I can wrestle and play with the best of them. I love my fox stuffed animal and want to take it everywhere. My mom won’t let me take it outside. But sometimes I’m really fast when I run out the door and she can’t grab it from me.

Mugo & Poncho

Production Supervising Team

We are Mugo (black and brown chihuahua) and Poncho (tan chihuahua)! When we aren’t sleeping on the office chairs, we love to run and play and see what our team is creating. We also alert the team when deliveries come around to the back of the shop! Our favorite thing to do every day is trade lunches.


Operations Greeting Coordinator

My Mom found me as kitten on her front lawn. Dad didn’t want to keep me, but now he’s my best buddy. I love to sit in my window and watch the birds. I like to walk past Hogan, Mason and Diva and swat them on the head. Then I jump up on the table and laugh at them.