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Signs are everywhere. With the prolific use of social media, opportunities for exposure have increased exponentially. If you want to attract the attention of potential customers your signs need to reflect your service or product and on top of that, they should favorably differentiate you from your competitors – and not just those who are in the same business. Your competitors include the people you are sharing your physical space with as well. What other signs are attracting attention in your area? Does your business sit in a place with a lot of visual pollution? Chances are you’ll have to compete at a higher level to get your sign noticed. You’ll need to design your sign to stand out among all others.

Effective Signs 2Technicalities

First consider local codes for signage; they vary by municipality dictating size, location and often times, use of lighting or digital marquee. How large is your sign allowed to be? Is it required to be a certain distance from the road? Is there space for it on your building?

In most jurisdictions you are allowed 70% of the available signage area. It’s important to work with a sign company that knows the regulations and can prepare the appropriate permit documentation. Permitting can take time and sometimes lots of patience.

Effective Business SignsReflect Your Business

Next, you want to think about the character of your business and determine what kind of message you want to portray. Regardless of your business name, various design features can be manipulated to convey your unique company.

Effective Business SignsColor & Shape

Colors are associated with the expression of feeling and have been broadly categorized such as neutral, warm, intense, industrial or peaceful. If you are designing a sign for a leisure resort or spa you would choose colors that elicit a sense of peace and apply that color scheme to a shape that lends itself to a feeling of fluidity. Therefore, your sign shape will include curves rather than stark corners.

Effective Business SignsFonts

The font you choose will also impact your message. Traditional Sans fonts in bold are easy to read and adapted with the right color on a complimentary background give you a basic start. Sans serif fonts are added elements to a basic manuscript and if not presented with thought and designed carefully with color can become confusing and illegible. Small signs should avoid use of scripts altogether and leave out embellishments. If you are located on a busy thoroughfare and your potential customer is driving by at 55 mile per hour or faster, they have very few seconds to select, absorb and process your sign. Unless the driver is on a mission that includes your business as its destination, he or she is likely to miss you.

How to Design Effective Signs Materials Materials

Finally, consider the construction material of your sign. Do you want the sleek unblemished finished of metal or the rusticwarmth of reclaimed barn wood? Plastic or stone? Combining multiple materials and adding digital technology or lighting adds new dimensions to your message.



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