Why Vehicle Wraps Are A Great Investment

Finding new and creative advertising channels to market your business is an essential component of surviving in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Regardless of the size of your business, finding new leads, and staying relevant in consumers’ minds is the key to long-term success. One of the most cost effective methods of advertising is a vehicle wrap.


The graphics on your vehicle is a onetime cost that allows you to market your business for years to come. Vehicle wraps generally last three to five years before sun fading and just general road wear and tear. It is a wonderful marketing vehicle (pun intended) for any advertising campaign and turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard.


However, you can do more than just “drive around” to increase the exposure of your business. Some clients wrap box trucks that are left parked in front of their businesses. Others take them to major events and hand out small gifts, fliers, coupons or other promotional items.


The vehicle wrap process is a collaborative effort and there are three phases of the project.


 Design Phase


The first is the design phase, which is the longest phase of the project and. Before we can design a wrap, we will ask a lot of questions: Who is your target audience? What is your vision for the wrap? Do you have a high quality logo? Do you want a full or partial wrap? A partial wrap is typically the ¾ rear portion of the vehicle.


After we have an understanding of your expectations, pictures and hard measurements of the vehicle are needed.


During the design phase, there may be two to three modifications made. Sometimes the door handles, car trim and other issues may interfere with the design. We take all of this into considering to ensure that your message is readable and visible.


Once the design is approved and signed off by you, we are ready to start Phase two.



Production Phase


The second phase of the project is production. During this phase, we determine how the graphics will be installed to reduce seaming of the graphics. We will print small sections of the graphics to verify colors are matching your logo. Once the colors are confirmed, the printing begins. After the printing is completed, the graphics are laminated, cut down and prepped for installation. We are now ready for the last stage of the project – installation onto your vehicle


Installation Phase


Your vehicle needs to be washed, but not waxed prior to installation. Waxing the vehicle will cause the graphics to not adhere properly. During this stage, our installers will prep the vehicle and verify that the surface is ready for the vinyl graphics.



The final product is an eye catching vehicle that is a great reflection of your business. Signarama of Brighton, Colorado works closely with each company to design a look that is reflective of their business, and we make certain your company’s name, number or message is distinctly visible and easy to read. If you would like to learn more about the many advantages of investing in a vehicle wrap, or if you would like to inquire about a custom quote, then please contact us today.



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