Increasing Brand Awareness with Logos & Signage

Often times, when you hear someone discussing their company’s marketing or advertising initiatives, you will hear them discuss a plan to increase “brand awareness.”  It’s easy to see why this continually comes up in conversations, as it’s one of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategy. Brand awareness is the act of spreading your logo around, to help potential customers associate your brand with what they need. Your logo needs two things to be strong: a clear image that represents your company’s message, and a distinguished color scheme that remains consistent throughout your company or organization.


To create an attractive, effective logo, consider these four tips below:


1) Consider your brand. Know your audience and appeal to them. Do you want to appear technical, caring, or fun? You can display all of this with your logo. Ask yourself what your message to the world is.


2) Be simple and classy. The old saying works for your logo as well. Too many lines and shapes can take away from your message. Don’t overdo it with too much clutter; sometimes “less is more”.  Have your logo prepared in both horizontal and stacked versions.  Keep in mind how it will look as a sign, on a shirt, on a cap and on a business card.  A black and white version is also necessary for print media.


The lettering needs to be crisp and simple fonts.  Don’t overdo it will too much script or stylizing as this can be difficult to read.


3) Go big.  Go for the aesthetically pleasing logo created by a professional graphic designer.  Being able to meet with a graphic designer face-to-face will help them understand who you are, your business and your vision.  There needs to be a “meeting of the minds” in creating a recognizable, dynamic and eye catching logo.    It’s worth the investment to have a logo that doesn’t look like Microsoft’s Clip-Art.


We often have people come into our shop with business cards that they created on one of the online services.  Unfortunately, these services do not provide the vector art (which is the raw data of the image) .  As a result sign and print companies are not able to recreate your logo in other medias.  You will then incur charges to recreate the logo. This is another reason to invest in professional graphic design services.  You will then receive your logo in the various formats for your marketing campaigns.


4) Remember the colors. Colors need to be considered as some are easier to read than others.  Blues and Grays can be difficult to match and the print can deviate.  Too many gradients can be hard to match.  It’s important to select colors that complement each other and draw people’s attention.


To understand colors, it is sometimes best to look at signage during the day and see what you like and then drive at night and view the sign when it is lit.  You will notice subtle changes and sometimes major changes in the colors.  What often looks one way during the day, will look different at night.


Signarama has graphic designers who can create your logo and brand identity.  Please contact us today with any questions you may have.



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