Tips for Designing Outdoor Signage


To the unfamiliar and potential customer traveling down the road, the very first impression they have of your company is your outdoor sign. This can literally make or break how they perceive your business! Up until that moment, they aren’t aware of what your business can do for them, and the type of design you have chosen to use with your outdoor/outside signage will either pull them in or be glanced over without a second thought.


Even if they don’t choose to pull over immediately, your memorable sign will be thought of when they do need your particular specialty. That sign will be what they remember and will help them look you up online, or pick up the phone to contact you when needed.


Therefore, here are some tips to make sure that your sign sticks out appropriately to gain that future business!


THINK BIG – Tiny fonts that make people squint to read will just be glossed over while driving down the road. Use larger letters and fonts to make it easy for someone to read your signage.


LESS IS MORE – You don’t need to squeeze your entire mission statement onto the sign. Stick with basic and easy to create descriptions that are short and easy to remember.

COLOR CHANGES – Opposing colors should be incorporated into the design so that specific portions (like the name of the company) stick out easily. White letters on a black background work just as fine as a loud orange on top of a cool blue. You don’t need the entire rainbow pallet in your sign to get noticed, but you do need some type of juxtaposition.


BRAND RECOGNITION – Design your sign in such a way so that even just glancing at it will key in recognition to your customer base. The shape, color scheme, font, and everything in between should all in uniform. Don’t make one sign vastly different from another, or you might confuse someone if they happen to see both versions!


More often than not, outdoor signage is the first impression customers have of your business, and as the old adage goes, “a first impression leaves a lasting impression,” so invest in a sign you will be proud of.



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