We can print on anything including ceiling tiles. Why have dull and boring white ceiling tiles, when you can create a friendly and fun atmosphere? From directional information as you wander through a store, to eye catching art when you are sitting in a waiting room, ceilings are the perfect area to give interest to a room.

printed ceiling tileWhere can these tiles be placed?

You can put ceiling tiles on the ceiling (obviously!) or you can use them as sound proofing wall hangings. You can use them for presentations, displays, exhibitions, or more. The possibilities are endless!

Dental and Medical Office

Printed ceiling tiles would be a fantastic way to decorate these offices. Many times, when you visit the dentist or doctor, you have to lie down and only have the ceiling to look at. Looking up and seeing a friendly design or character would help you to be at ease.

Hair Salons

When you visit your hairdresser and you lean back to have your hair washed and conditioned, what are you looking at, a boring, and plain ceiling? Adding printed ceiling tiles to a hair salon could have many benefits. It could help children to stay calm, yet entertained, it could give adults something to stare at, and it could add a small, yet noticeable detail to the décor of the business.

Daycare Centers and Schools

Children are constantly looking everywhere, so eventually; their eyes will wander to the ceiling. By having decorated ceiling tiles, there is still come color, design, and attractiveness to the room. You can also take the individual tiles and print them for walls. They can be the solar system, the world map or a collage of artwork the children made.   The ceiling tile helps to absorb sound.

At Signarama, we specialize in all types of advertisement, wall and ceiling décor, and unique types of decorations. We offer options for decorated ceiling tiles and just about anything else your business needs.

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