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According to, a statistical studies website, Facebook is the most used form of social media with 1,415,000,000 users as of March 2015. Today, Facebook has over a billion users who view advertisements on the site every day. What better way is there to spread the word quickly and to a massive amount of people than on Facebook?


Make your Facebook page appealing

Have a clear and obvious title to your Facebook page so that people can easily search and find you. Also, you will want to keep your page updated so that people don’t forget about your business or services, and also to keep your customers in the loop of what is going on.


Signarama Pumpkin FacebookWays to Keep Customers Interested on Facebook:

  • Ask questions that can be answered by your ‘followers’ on Facebook
  • Create contest posts and offer prizes
  • Ask followers what their favorite goods or services are, feedback is a key to your success
  • Share seasonal quotes, pictures, or messages during the holiday time so that your followers remember that you’re a real person, too!
  • Offer special discounts or offers for social media followers only
  • Provide links to other resources you think your followers might find handy and useful
  • Follow an 80/20 rule. 80% of your Facebook posts should be casual, informational, or relatable topics that appeal to a broad audience. Only 20% of your posts should actually advertise your business.
  • Share both personal (if you want) and business related things – your followers would love to see a picture of your pet on Christmas morning, along with pictures of your staff working hard!


Don’t Forget Traditional Ways of Advertisement

Though most of modern communication and even some advertising happens through social media nowadays, don’t forget to advertise and market your business with physical advertisements. Facebook is a very effective means to get the word out about your business, but you will still need customers or clients to actually find your storefront.


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