Award shows are some of the greatest examples of the pairing of red carpets and step and repeats. Every year we get to watch well-dressed celebrities gracefully breeze down the red carpet in the best fashions available. The step and repeat backgrounds are one of the most important and well thought out aspects of the award shows. They are designed to be in the back ground of every photo that is taken along the red carpet.

So far, we’ve seen the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and finally the Oscars. Each show presents an opportunity for millions of photographs to be taken and shared worldwide on social media.

Kate Hudson Golden Globes

This year, we saw step and repeats with a lot of greenery. The Golden Globes specifically combined giant Golden Globe Awards signs among neatly trimmed lines of shrubbery. The overall effect was natural and elegant.

Kelly Osbourne Oscars


The Oscars took advantage of clever lighting techniques and white on white cutouts of the famous Oscar silhouette. Throughout the rest of the red carpet, you can also see some large Oscar statues, greenery, and golden Oscar silhouettes.

SAG Reese Witherspoon


The Screen Actors Guild Awards also included lots of natural green shrubbery with a golden yellow backdrop. On the step and repeat, you can see the names of sponsors like TBS and SAG-AFTRA.

Often times, the step and repeat is a reflection of the tone of the rest of the show. An elegantly designed backdrop reflects an equally elegant celebration. Step and repeats are an easy element to put together for any event, whether you have a red carpet or not. They are often used as essential promotional tools at fund raisers, conventions, awards ceremonies, and company events.

Check out some more of the step and repeat red carpet backdrops in the videos below:


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