What’s Old Is New Again….

This weekend I came across an article by NBC titled “Not every picture has to live in a frame”.  It was

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a 10 step, two day process of taking photos and applying them to wood.  Much the same as we (or at least I) did in the 80s. It used to be called decoupage; a smelly, tedious process that yellowed over time.

Blog 237 years later… there is a better, faster, easier way to apply your photos to wood. Come to Signarama and ask the sign lady to show you how we do it. We can print your photo directly to the wood. We can take “repurposed” wood such as skids, old barn wood, table tops or doors and print directly onto them with our flat bed printer.  Anything that is not thicker than 4” or larger than 4 foot by 8 foot, we’ve got you covered!


The flat bed can print onto almost any kind of material. I printed a picture from a trip onto a 13” x 8” Blog 3
tile that allows the texture of the tile to come through with the picture. We have printed pictures onto brushed aluminum, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, cork and fabric. For one of our church projects we printed onto stretched fabric that was being used as a sound buffer in their auditorium. We have printed wall murals from photos for churches and businesses as well.  Have you ever thought of taking one of your vacation pictures and having it as a wall mural? We can do that.


Recently we added canvas prints that can wrap around a frame. We never thought we would be in the framing business, but we always have to be exploring new options and trying new ideas.


The possibilities are endless with the various materials and fabrics available to print on.  Challenge us with your creative ideas because at Signarama we are more than just signs. Our Franchise Group is 31 years young and we’re always learning something new.

What’s old is new again.

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