The Importance of a Stylish Menu Board

You walk into a café, coffee shop or restaurant, and what’s the main thing you want to know?

“What’s on the menu?”

Signarama makes custom-designed menu board signage that will convey to customers what you offer in a way that’s easily seen, read and understood.

Signs drive sales. Imagine if you walked into a café with no menu board—it would be an awkward experience to say the least.

Using state-of-the-art digital printers, Signarama’s menu board signs are available for indoor or outdoor use, so you can advertise things like coffee flavors, sandwich combos, or ice cream options.

Coupled with great graphics and stylish design, Signarama menu boards serve as a highlight of any place serving food, drinks, snacks or desserts.

From a basic single-panel sign, to as many as 16 panels when you have a lot of items to show customers, Signarama offers simple-to-read lettering, full-color graphics and illuminated panels in order to catch the eyes of customers and help them make their purchasing decisions.


Signarama’s experts are here to help you choose, design and install appropriate menu boards and business signage so customers will know what they could—and should—order.

restaurant signs

Call Signarama today at 303-914-9700 to discuss menu board signage options.


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