Sign Location and Zoning

Location, Location, Location is what we always hear when looking for a place to start or relocate a business.  But what can make a big difference in the success or failure of your business is Zoning, Zoning, Zoning.


The scenario goes something like this:


You finally make the decision to open that business or your need to relocate because you want lower rent and/or more space.  You are so excited to find the PERFECT place.  Lots of traffic going by, plenty of parking, easy access by public transportation, and now all you need is a REALLY BIG SIGN.  Right?  Wrong.


Before you sign that lease, look at the signage section.  What will the landlord allow you to do?  Where will they let you place the sign and how big can it be?  What type of sign can you have?


You say the landlord doesn’t care?  You can do whatever you want… Right? Wrong.


Now you need to look at which city/county sign jurisdiction you are in.  Are you in a planned urban development?  Historic area? Special renewable district?  In an area where the city likes signs to be small and inconspicuous?


Look around at the other companies and signs near your location.  Do they look too small to you? Are they all the same color and you want yours to stand out? Do they have light boxes and you want channel letters?  Do they only have one sign and your want three?  Your sign is going to really stand out and be Big, Big, Big!  You’re going to put your sign on top of the roof…  Right?  Wrong.

Don’t sign your lease until you have all the signage worked out with both the landlord and the city. This can be a strong negotiation factor.  You don’t want to be in a location for five or more years and not have the best signage possible.


You may know everything about your business, but leave the signs to Signarama.  We will review your lease and help you understand what size and type of sign you can have.  We will then verify the city codes and zoning requirements. Signs require permits and these can take from a few days to a few months to get approved.  Your sign will not even be fabricated until the permits are approved.


When looking for that perfect location, remember zoning can impact your signage and visibility.

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