Marathon Finish LineSummer is here, which means marathon season is in full swing! Whether you are hosting a corporate challenge or charity fundraiser — your marathon needs signage.   Many times we only think about sponsor banners, but directional and informational signage is key to a well-organized and fun event,

From directing people to the event, where to park, where to sign up, starting line, mile markers, restrooms, lost and found, food and refreshments, to the ultimate winners circle, marathon signage has many purposes.

Below are a few ideas to consider:

marathon signageKeep it Simple

When designing signs that will be placed along the route of your marathon or half marathon, you want them to be easy to read. Simple signs will quickly alert runners to changes in direction and will help local traffic to notice crosswalks and other areas being used by the marathon. Create mile marker signs, registration signs and signs to mark the beginning and end of the race.

Use Bright Colors

Marathon SignageChoose a brightly colored sign to highlight your marathon route. Red, Orange and Yellow are great for catching the eye and will keep your runners on track and safe from oncoming traffic. Be sure the text is easily readable and contrasts with the background color. We recommend using white text over a red background and black text over a white background.   Keep the font simple and avoid cursive lettering.  The message should also be short and to the point.

Properly Block off Traffic

Be sure to discuss how traffic can be blocked for the event. Will police officers be available to assist in blocking the roads, or will your staff be assigned the task?  Letting drivers and people know there is a race in progress will help to eliminate congestion.  Think about the route and how many signs you will need so you don’t find out too late that you need a few more.

Promotional Items

TumblerKeep your event memorable afterwards, with promotional items for giveaways.  Key chains, water bottles, tote bags, and step counters, with your event’s logo and date.

step countersWhen creating signs for your marathon, some great choices are yard signs, sidewalk signs and construction or safety signs. Check out our promotional website for great ideas.

For more information on signage and how we can create the right signs for your event, contact Signarama online or at 303-914-9700.

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  • Sam Solo

    I wonder if the city actually makes the mile marker signs as official traffic redirection. It would make sense to me that the city would be in charge of it since marathons are public events. If I ever run a marathon I’ll have to keep my eye out for those mile marker signs.

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