Contact Person & Title: Bev | Front Desk Administrator
Phone: 720-900-3119
Business Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM, Monday-Friday

Company Story:

“We are so excited to be in town and offer amazing, exciting treatment you will rave about!
Laser dentistry with no shots and drills. Something kids will actually be excited about!
Clear colorful braces that truly excite. A newer type of brace with less breakage and less white spots than traditional bonding techniques!
Dr. Nam Hardy is a Pediatric Dentist who believes in prevention of dental problems and in educating families about how they can have healthy smiles for life.  With free infant exams and parental education she is sure to get them off to 5280-top-dentists-denver-coloradothe right track from the very beginning.  Currently, Dr. Nam is the only pediatric dentist in the state, and only 1 of 15 in the nation to offer Solea laser treatment.  This means no more scary shots and little to no drilling.   Kids LOVE it!!   Other benefits include increased bond strength of fillings, reduced post op sensitivity and thorough disinfection of the tooth prior to filling placement.
Dr. T.C. Hardy is an Orthodontist who is excited to offer Clarity APC Flash Free ceramic braces as the standard… with less breakage and initial findings of less demineralization (white-spots).  He also offers advanced alternatives to traditional orthodontics – such as Invisalign and Incognito.  With a separate clinical area he performs treatment for both adult and adolescent patients in a very comfortable setting.”

Why was the signage requested?

“Visibility to highway 7!”dscn7885

Who are you trying to target with your new signage?

“Families with kids ages 2-18.”

Did the Signs meet your purpose?


What Kind of Feedback have you received from your clientele regarding the sign?

dscn7886“Nothing yet, but just opened!!”

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