Contact Person & Title: Michael Burke and Fabricio Velez |
 Assistant Principals at PVHS
Business Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM, Monday-Friday

Company Story:

“We are a large comprehensive high school in School District 27J.  This is our 11th year as a school.  We serve students from Thornton, Commerce City and Brighton areas of Adams County.  Currently our enrollment is over 2,000 students and steadily growing with the surrounding areas.”

Why was the signage requested?

 “This is the second year of new leadership in the building and we have been img_2558specifically focused on improving our climate and culture with our staff, students and the community.  As part of these efforts our staff and students identified five Core Values of PVHS.  Since our mascot is the Thunderhawks we created our values based on the acronym of H.A.W.K.S (Honest, Accountable, Welcoming, Knowledgeable, School-Spirited).  Our school has never had any type of focus on Core Values until last year, so we wanted to make sure we had a common location where everyone could see what we value.”

Who are you trying to target with your new signage?

“We are targeting our whole community in making sure that our core values are featured in our common language and how we conduct ourselves as staff, students and parents.  The signage is specifically used to represent who we are and what we do as Thunderhawks.”

Did the Signs meet your purpose?

img_2561“Yes!  They look amazing.  They really have changed the feeling of the hallways and have brought a sense of legitimacy to our values and commitment to make them part of our school and how we see ourselves.”

What Kind of Feedback have you received from your clientele regarding the sign?

 “Well the feedback is twofold.  When people come into our building they see the img_2563signage and it looks amazing.  Most all parents are excited about it and think it is great.  Anecdotally I think it has had a bigger impact in what people see in the behavior of our students.  Here are some of the things we have gotten from the community already this year about our students living our core values.  Thank you Sign- A-Rama for all of your help and support in getting us set up with incredible signage to promote our core values!”

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