Signarama’s Newest Addition: The CNC Router

Our CNC Router is a new addition to our arsenal of machines and will be delivered in the beginning of February. What is a CNC Router, you ask?

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routing is a clean, crisp production method for cutting wood, plastic and metal for both interior and exterior displays. We can combine endless material selection to add interest, dimension and texture to your logo, lettering or to simply give your lobby walls a fun, artsy look.

Image is everything in today’s business. When a customer enters your facility, what is the first thing they see? What does it say about your company or organization? Is your name prominent and does it make a statement?

How does it work?


-Send us your vector art files or we can create them for you

-The files are set up in the computer for the size and shape of the sign

-The files need to be in vector so that the shapes and letters are created in a series of paths and nodes that the CNC router can interpret

CNC Machining Steps


-Next, we prepare a visual dimensional model on the computer so we can determine the best use of the dimensional effects

-How deep should the cut be

-What angle of cut should be used

-What material thickness

-What material combinations should be used

-How will the sign be constructed

-Costs are determined and a proof is provided for approval

CNC Machining Steps


-The individual elements are set up for the CNC Router

-Which tools on the router are needed to cut the materials are determined and set up in the software

-The CNC will automatically select the proper tool and route out the substrate

CNC Machining Steps


-Once all the routed pieces are completed, they are assembled for installation

-Sometimes a backboard is used so the sign is pre-fabricated and the sign hangs like a picture on a wall

-In other cases the individual elements may be assembled on site and the wall is the backboard

CNC Machining Steps

2016 will be a great year for stretching the limits of your imagination. If you can imagine it…Signarama can build it.

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