MAY 2017 FEATURED BUSINESS: Jim Cope Construction, LLC

Jim Cope Construction, LLC

Contact Person & Title: Jim Cope – Owner/ General Building Contractor
Phone: 303-385-3262
Business Hours: 
8:00am to 6:00pm  Monday – Saturday
In 2 -3 Paragraphs please tell us your company story: 
“I joined the Navy in 1975 and I am a Vietnam era veteran. I learned the structural trades by building and repairing ships, aircraft carriers and submarines. In 1980, while still working for the Department of the navy I started this little business as a hobby out of my garage, doing small remodels and other like jobs that mostly involved carpentry on nights and weekends.Over the years, while still working in the shipyards, my hobby was growing and doing well. I’ve always loved working in the construction field, it has been a passion of mine since I was a kid in woodshop here in Brighton High School.
After 14 years of working in the structural steel industry for the Department the Navy, I figured if I can build a ship, I can build anything. So,I left the shipyards and went and took my little business from my garage out into the ever demanding public for contractors. I needed to learn more things as I went along, tilework, electrical, plumbing, trimwork, everything that this industry required me to know, so I went and learned it by doing it for other contractors in their respective fields. After a few years, I had pretty much covered every field in the industry from concrete foundations to roofing. I acquired my 1st contractors licence in California, one of the hardest in the country. It didn’t take long before I became a well known contractor in northern California and was written up in the news papers in the who’s who column on the north coast. With 24 employees at that time, business was great.
I returned home to Colorado in 1993 and business was just as much of a success here as in California. In 1997, we branched out into the Midwest and were doing work in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. I even did a few TV commercials in Minnesota featuring remodeling work and new construction. In 2008 I decided to come home to stay here in Brighton, my home town, and settle down to run the business from here. My folks still live here in town and are getting older, so it was time to come home to be closer. Now, after 37 years in this business I can say this, I have a masters degree in structural engineering, I also have a degree in architectural drafting and design. I am a member of the ASID, the American Society for interior design, and I draw all the blueprints for all of my projects by hand. Still old-school I guess. I am apparently one of the number 1 contractors in NE Denver, and my business has an A+ accreditation with the BBB, along with a 5 star rating.  With that all being said though, I didn’t do this by myself. With all the time and hard work that I have invested in this last 37 years to this hobby turned career, I would have never got where I am if it wouldn’t have been for God taking me there. I take no credit for all these accomplishments, accolades, and ratings. He gets the credit. I’m just here trying to do things his way, and trying to do a good job the right way. I can truly say, I do the best I can with what I have to work with, and he has blessed me with being able to work with what he provides me with. How can I do any better?
I can’t really say that I specialize in any one thing, but I can say that there isn’t any job in this field, as being a general contractor goes, that I haven’t done that I can think of. I like doing new construction homes and additions, as well as remodels. It’s awesome to turn an old outdated place into something new, I enjoy doing kitchen remodels and basement finishes too. I guess I just have to say, I love what I do,and hopefully everyone else does too. So far so good!”
Why was the signage requested?  
“I use the signage that I get from [Signarama] to let people know I’m around and am available to help them on their projects. Whether it be in front of a home that I’m remodeling, or a home that I’m building from the ground up, your signage provides great advertising.”
What Kind of Feedback have you received from your clientele regarding the sign? 
“I’ve had a lot of folks comment on my signs, not only because of how I designed them, but the quality of how they are made. Great work you guys, you really have done a great job for me.”