Why Color Choice is Important for Your Business Signage

The sign that you display on your your business shouldn’t just display your name and hours, it should give a passerby a good idea of the atmosphere they can expect in your store. A sign is a signal to others of how people conduct themselves inside. For example, if you see a beer stein you know you’re probably walking into a tavern, but a business that has a sign printed in script is probably much more formal.


Even the colors chosen for your business signage can greatly affect the perception of customers. For example, yellow is a color that is bright and can inspire positive feelings, while red is often used to stimulate the appetite. Which may explain why it’s used as the color scheme for McDonald’s, the string of fast food restaurants known for the Happy Meal.


Pink is a color associated with both excitement and romantic feelings, which makes it a great choice for the women’s lingerie outlet Victoria’s Secret. Blue is a color that evokes confidence and it is featured heavily in the logos for Samsung, IBM and other technology developers.


When you’re trying to figure out signage solutions for your company, do some research on color psychology. If you already have a color scheme you use heavily, it may be best to retain that to avoid having to overhaul your entire advertising operation. However, some splashes of orange for optimism or green for natural and healthy could enhance the message your sign sends to others.


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