What’s Your Super Power?

What’s Your Super Power?


As I was almost done writing my blog, I was interrupted by a staff member and instead of hitting save, I hit ‘don’t save’ . I then spent the next few minutes desperately trying to recover the document. Oh no! I can only be brilliant once.


But is that really true? If one brilliant idea vanishes into thin air does that mean another one can’t take its place? In today’s world that moves at the speed of social media…don’t we all need to think about the next idea, the next big deal, the next growth opportunity, the next possibility?


In my former corporate life, one of my managers told me that the way my brain worked and how I looked at the world was both a curse and a blessing. He told me that quickly finding solutions and ideas to resolve a problem before others had time to even ponder it, was annoying to other people. Back then I was stunned and felt like I needed to dummy down on my thoughts and how I think through problems and issues.


Today….I consider it my “super power”.


Being able to see and quickly evaluate trends is an asset in business. Not only do you need to be aware of where your industry is going, what products and services your customers expect now and in the future, but also what type of people and skill sets do you need to expand and grow? What additional training do your employees need to be more competent and confident in their jobs?


It’s a constant moving target and juggling of priorities.
So what is a manager or business owner to do? Surround yourself with people who have their own unique “super power”. Not good with details? Find yourself a person who has the gift to create the steps and processes to get to the final result. Remember ideas are one thing….implementation is another.


If you can visualize a marketing plan, but can’t get it on paper…get yourself a creative graphics person who can bring your vision to life. If you need to build or fabricate a product and have no concept on how to start, hire the skills who can do it. If you can bring in the sales and business, but don’t have the time to manage all the accounts, get someone who is a customer advocate extraordinaire.


No matter what your Super Power is you can’t do it all yourself. Surround yourself with great people who have complementary skills and strengths and you will be unstoppable!


So what’s your Super Power?