We Have a Few More Questions…

By Dawn Homa


We ask a lot of questions… a lot. Our staff is trained to ask you lots of questions. Recently a walk-in potential customer asked us “why are you asking me all these questions?  I just want a sign”.

“I just want a sign”

Then the questions begin:

  • Where is it going? Outside or Inside?
  • What size?
  • How far away do you want it to be seen?
  • Is this a long term or short term sign?

We don’t want to give you a sign that won’t work for your needs. If it’s a banner and traffic is going by at 40 mph, you need to have minimal information with large lettering. Don’t list all your services. No one will be able to read it.


Colors make a difference on readability, as does the font you will be using. And then there is the question of how/where it is being installed.  Will it be going on a fence? In the ground? Onto an existing structure?  Does it need to be permitted? Does locates need to called to mark the area before digging?


Many people are not aware that permits have to be pulled for signs. And you certainly don’t want to dig your posts without calling locates to make sure there is nothing in the area that you can hit like water lines or even worse and electrical line. Safety First. Always.


We make signs. All kinds and shapes of signs. Digitally printed banners, aluminum, aluminum composite, dimensional and illuminated, trade show displays, wayfinding signs… and the list goes on and on.


So, yes… we ask questions to make sure you get sign that was well worth your time and budget.


We can design and fabricate your sign to your specific needs,  but first… we have a few more questions.