They used to say ‘do one thing and do it the best’


Today it’s “do many things and do them great”.


If you don’t change with the demands and requirements of your customers, they will go elsewhere.   Over the last few years we have seen a number of our vendors and customers vanish.


One vendor recently closed their doors after 30 years.  They provided wholesale routing. That’s all they did and for many years they did it great!  But as competitors came into the market offering wholesale routing, these competitors also offered painting, and fabrication.  Some even offered to install the finished product.


We asked our “go to” vendor if they would paint and fabricate, but they declined.  They only wanted to route the materials. That’s what they did best.   This meant that we had to pick up the product, take it to a paint shop, and then fabricate.  Often we would have to wait weeks as the paint shop was backed up and too busy to accommodate a quick turn around project.   As a result, the completed signs may not be to the client and installed for 6-8 weeks.


With the new “one stop shop” vendors, we could get the project completed in under two weeks. This helped us grow as we had many more happy customers who then referred us to other customers.


Unfortunately, because vendor number one didn’t adapt to its customer’s needs or pay attention to what its competitors were doing, they went out of business.


What are you doing to make sure that your company, products and services are adapting to your customers?  Are they going to your competitor because you won’t  add an additional service or step to make their life easier?  Are you helping your customers sell more and offer new product lines?  Do they even know you offer these services and products?


But then when you do change and adapt, what happens to your company name, logo and tag line?  When you grow and adapt, your logo, tagline and sometimes name needs to change.


Signarama is a 31 years young franchise.  Our logo, the way we present our name and our tagline have changed numerous times. From Speedy Signs transitioning to SIGN*A*RAMA,  to today’s cleaner looking Signarama, our company has metamorphosed from cut vinyl graphics to a full blown marketing solutions company.


Our original tag line “Where the World Goes For Signs” to today’s “We Grow Your Business” depicts the change of focus.  Originally it was simply you coming to us for basic signs and banners.  Now we are working with you to understand your business and offer solutions to Grow your Business with visual marketing….   Logo Design, vehicle wraps, promotional items, tradeshow displays, digital displays, exterior lit signs, canvas prints, architectural signage and interior ADA signs are just a few of the services and products that have evolved within the Signarama Brand.


Never say never, I remember telling my staff that I don’t want to get involved in something and then a year or two later…. BOOM!  We’re doing it.  You have to keep learning, growing and evolving


Do you need a new look, tag line or logo?  We’re here to offer ideas and solutions.  Come on in and we can discuss ways to rebrand and Grow Your Business.


Below is the history of Signarama Logos and taglines.  We thought you might find it interesting.