Luck, Timing and Preparation

By Tim Connor


Is there any such thing as luck? The luck of the Irish?  You lucky stiff… or – I never win anything…  Everywhere people seem to have different views of luck or good fortune.  I believe in timing and I also believe in synchronicity – that concept where certain things seem to happen and we can’t always explain why.

I also believe in preparation, effort and persistence.  Isn’t it is amazing how many people who work hard, study diligently, commit to their goals and purpose often have more than their share of good luck?

There is a great old saying: that luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity.

I can’t tell you how to prepare, what to study, how hard to work or how long it will take.  If I could, I wouldn’t be sitting at this computer right now.  I’d be a well-paid genius cruising the Caribbean on my  sailboat.

I can tell you however, that most of this doesn’t matter. Surprised? Well, I have seen people have good fortune without a lot of work and I have seen many people toil their entire lives and not once get a single lousy break.  I have known PhD’s who struggle financially and I know many high school drop-outs who have become millionaires. And, I know a couple of lottery winners who bought just one ticket, hit the jackpot  and then spent the rest of their lives in misery.

So what does matter?  Five things...

– Belief in yourself and your goals, purpose, mission or destiny – for the long haul and whatever it takes.

– The courage to weather the lows and failures and humility and gratitude when you reach the top of the      mountain.

-A support system of people who care, believe in you and are willing to be there when you need them.

– Action, direction and focus – you have to do something – and you have to keep moving in the right direction without worrying about the destination.

The Quakers have a wonderful saying:  Pray, but move your feet!

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Lucky!