by Dawn Homa


You are so excited as you sign the lease to your new business space, expansion to a new location, or sublease in a high-profile building. Now the next thing to do is get your sign on the building.

The hard part is over… right? Wrong.

Don’t sign your lease until you confirm what type and size of sign you can have.

Are you located in a historic district? The sign more than likely can’t be lit and will be limited in size (i.e. small).

Subleasing in that fabulous building? Guess what? The landlord doesn’t allow sub-lessors to have signage on the building.

Your building doesn’t have frontage on the main street? Signage facing that street may not be allowed.

Leasing less than what the building or city requires for exterior signage?  Your business name may not be allowed on the exterior of the building.

Navigating the complex rules and regulations of sign code can be confusing and frustrating. Let Signarama Brighton help you with determining what you can and can’t have for signage. We can review the lease and sign codes to give you the information you need prior to signing the lease. Find out what kind of sign you can have before you sign the lease and use this information as a negotiating point.

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