Just Pick Up the Phone!


Did you ever experience this?

Emails being sent with comments on your drawings, plans or documents.,

You make the change and then more emails come with comments telling you that you made the wrong change

So you modify the document again, based on what you read and think is wanted

Another email comes back telling you it’s wrong… AGAIN!

Frustrations rise.  You wonder why you ever took on the project and feel like you are never going to get it the way the client wants it to read and/or look

Then… the phone rings…

You answer and actually speak with the person.  While you are both on the phone you go through the documents, drawings.  And it’s  a MIRACLE!   The problem is resolved!

You are feeling great!  You strut around the office letting everyone know that you’ve resolved the issue and that the project is moving forward.  Genius!

In the world of email, texting, emojis and instant messages… communication has regressed faster than you can type LOL.  In our efforts to be fast and efficient, we have become muddled, misunderstood and disconnected.


Now when one of my team members says that they have made numerous modifications and can’t seem to get the design right…. my response is:  Did you pick up the phone and talk to them?

Stop hiding behind the computer, ipad and iphone.   Have a live conversation and an entire new world opens up.  Understanding of the issue from another perspective, meeting of the minds on the final product, and realizing the other person isn’t trying to make your life miserable.  (You know you do think this)

Just Pick Up the Phone…. Now!