How the Proper Signage can Increase Foot Traffic

Your goals as a business owner are to get people into your store and for them to make a purchase. Whether you’re promoting a grand opening, a sale or event, or just trying to showcase your merchandise, the first step to building better foot traffic is creating proper signage.

People love to be informed. The less one has the think about shopping, the easier it is to make a sale. For instance, when signs are eye-catching and informative, the customer only has to think about buying or not buying. They will already know what’s on sale and for how much, because your signs will have indicated the facts.

To create useful, informative and appealing signs for your store follow these helpful tips which will surely garner more foot traffic.

Consider your colors. When you need your signs to stand out from the crowd, choose a bolder color palette to get your point across. Signs that are easier to see and read from a distance can draw customers to your doorstep. Choosing overhead banners and large prints and sandwich boards will help get the message across to potential patrons.

A call for action is next in order. Tell the customers what they should be doing or buying. Making your point about sales and merchandise clear and easy to follow through on will be an added bonus to drawing customers in. When people are sure about limited-time offers or one day only sales, they will want to hurry in so they don’t feel like they are missing anything.

Targeting customers with simple facts and outdoor signage can also work to your advantage. It may be tempting to fill up that banner with lots of information and designs. But in this case, less is more. When you are specific about the sale, your customers will understand your message. Feel free to use images and text that support your message, but don’t over do it with clutter and unnecessary information.

When you are making signs to last all year, both inside and out, make sure they are built to last. Outdoor banners and signs should be kept clean and neat and should be checked periodically. There’s no bigger turn off for customers when they see torn, dirty banners, or message boards with missing letters. How you treat your business tools speaks volumes about your business.

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