by: Dawn Homa

You’re growing? Great!  And now you are looking to hire a new person to fill an opening.    But sometimes that person is already with you.  Is it time to move a proven employee from one position to another? After all, you know their capabilities and work style, and they know your culture, customers, & products/services. Plus, you trust them.  And for me, trust is everything.  

 Because you know what?  They will make your life easier as they take on more responsibility and will come up with processes and procedures that you may not have thought about.  So look around and find those diamonds that just need a little polish to be spectacular.    

But you can’t assume they will just hit the ground running in their new job and responsibilities.  While they may be comfortable with the organization, they may need some time getting fully comfortable in their new role.  You need to give them some ramp up time to hit their groove.

So give them the chance, let them spread their wings and fly.  You will be amazed at what they can do for your company.  

Please congratulate Mallory as our new Production Manager.   She will take us to the next level and we couldn’t be more happy and excited!  
Growing your business means growing your people.   You will be unstoppable!