Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

At Signarama we have a passion for signs.  Our team of designers, sales and production are always challenging eachother with new and innovative ways to build signs.  We have round table discussions on how to create and build unique, eye catching signs that can be made from many different materials.
With the addition of the CNC router, the ideas flow even faster.  Being able to precision cut and layer wood, HDU (high density Urethane), plastics and acrylics gives us infinite ways to build a sign.  One recent example of this are the three signs we made for Just Dandy, Stam Chocolates and Black Diamond Steak House in Lafayette.  These three companies are located in the same building.  Each sign was fabricated completed different by using the CNC router.
Just Dandy had a logo with a Dandelion.  We wanted to make the Dandelion three dimensional.  We digitally printed the sign, added custom painted dimensional lettering “Just Dandy”.  Then we had discussions about how to make the Dandelion.  We made a few smaller renditions to see how it would come together.  One of these examples is on our display wall.  The final product was created with a digital print of the dandelion, a routed clear acrylic that was flat bed printed on the reverse side and a clear acrylic separate.   This now gave the dandelion the appearance of being 3 dimensional and a lot of interest.
The Stam Chocolates sign was created from two pieces of 2″ HDU that were attached back to back with a frame.   The lettering was routed into the sign. We then painted the burgundy and gold.  After the painting was completed, we added a 1″ routed overlay of the Stam Logo to the face of the sign.  This gave more dimension to the sign and interest.  The two pieces were sandwiched together and a frame built to secure them.
Black Diamond Steakhouse was routed as well; however, the back plane was recycled wood.  We went shopping at a recycling wood facility and hand picked the pieces.  Our production team then cut the wood to size and made a biscuit joint to attached them together.  The logo and lettering were routed from 1″ HDU, masked and painted. 
All three signs were hung from the building with a custom-built blade arm.  This was securely attached to the fascia.  The finished product gave the look of old fashioned signs. 
This part of the concept was important, because the building was built in the 1800s and recently renovated.  The owner wanted to keep the overall look of the original building.
All of this was designed and built with passion by our sign team at Signarama Brighton.  Challenge us with your next project.