Best Practices for Temporary Signage

When creating temporary signage for your business, there are many aspects to consider. One important part of signage is creating something that will attract positive attention in your community!

The Signage Foundation has created a guide, titled “Best Practices in Regulating Temporary Signs,” to aid in the regulation and placement of temporary signs throughout communities.

We have compiled a quick list of tips and tricks based off of these guidelines:

Choose the Right Sign by Location

Blade SignBefore creating a campaign that includes off-premise temporary signs, find out if they are allowed in your area. If yes, this type of signage is a great way to advertise special events, sales and community events!

When placing off-premise temporary signs, as well as on-location temporary signs, consider the placement areas with care.

Downtown areas have a lot more foot traffic than suburban and rural areas, making them much more appealing for temporary signs. Try using sidewalk signs in downtown areas for easy readability by pedestrians.

When placing temporary signage in suburban areas, consider larger and taller signs for increased driver visibility.

Some great sign ideas that will be noticed from passing cars are yard signs, blade signs and banners!

Remember to stick to a simple, yet eye catching design that can be read quickly when targeting potential customers on the road.

example signs

temporary signageFollow Special Events Regulations

Before placing temporary signs for a special event, check for community regulations.

Most signs are allowed to be placed 14 to 30 days before the big event and must be removed within five.

Small signs for sale events can usually be placed for 30 days at a time.

Get a Permit

If your town provides temporary sign permits, be sure to get one before placing your signs.

When applying for your permit, ask if a sign label is available as well. This label is applied to the sign and includes basic information like your name, permitted signage location and the date your sign can remain up until.

If you are looking to design a temporary sign, request a quote from Signarama online or by calling 303-914-9700!

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