Benefits of Promotional Products

The power of marketing is almost immeasurable and there are a variety of ways to promote your company and its services, some of which were discussed in our previous blog posts. One of our favorite tactics that has been proven to help market businesses and impress prospective clients is the use of promotional products, aka: freebies. C’mon; theBenefits of Promotional Products word itself has “free” in it. That’s like attracting flies with honey.

In a recent survey, 52 percent of those interviewed said their impression of a company increases after receiving a giveaway or promo product. These statistics are also proven to increase if they receive an item that they can use regularly such as a tote bag or a tube of Chapstick.

Here are a few benefits of how promotional products can help your business:

The grBenefits of Promotional Products | Signaramaeat thing about these freebie items are they provide an innovative alternative to the everyday business card. A tangible item such as a pen or a magnet allows you to showcase your contact information in a memorable way.

Building off of the first advantage of promo products, handing them out also helps increase brand recognition. These products, whether they be water bottles or t-shirts can be utilized by your potential consumers on a day-to-day basis. As they run errands and go about their daily activities using your promotional products, your brand awareness increases. If your company specializes in snow removal and your prospective customer had received an ice scraper or one of the aforementioned products with your contact information, they will be more apt to call your business, as its name and logo are at the top of their mind.

Benefits of Promotional Products | Signarama

This marketing tactic also helps your business build and maintain positive customer relationships. What better way to show your loyal customers that you appreciate their business than a free item that they can use? These products can be sent through direct mail or after a transaction for your services. Like we’ve already said, who doesn’t love free stuff!?

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  • Luke Smith

    I like that you mentioned how promotional products could provide an innovative alternative to the everyday business card. I went to an event the other day and I saw a booth that gave out some free items with a company’s logo on it. From what I’ve heard, it seems there are businesses nowadays that specializes in making these products.

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