APRIL 2018 FEATURED BUSINESS: Edon Fitness & Training

Edon Fitness & Training
Contact Person & Title: 
Nicholas Edon, Owner
Business Hours: 
The gym is accessible to members 5am-Midnight 7 days per week
In 2 -3 Paragraphs please tell us your company story: 
“The founding of Edon Fitness and Training was a decade long pipe dream for me. I started lifting in high school as a way to improve athletic performance as a wrestler and baseball player, but I quickly found myself enjoying the sport of fitness in general much more than traditional sports. I joined a bodybuilding gym located in Oklahoma City when I was 17 and began training for bodybuilding competition. I was hooked. There is nothing more difficult than being dedicated to something 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After high school, I moved for college to Omaha Nebraska for a baseball scholarship. My baseball career did not last much longer, and I enrolled at the University of Nebraska in their Exercise Science program. 4 years later I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and went right into the fitness world. Between then and now, I have worked every job imaginable in the fitness world. Everything from Janitorial, Training, Management, Sales, you name it.
About 2 years ago, it was about time for a change. I uprooted everything and made a decision to move to a better place, and here I am. I found Brighton to be a great community that is on the verge of blowing up. After I got settled here, I quickly realized that fitness options are rather limited, both in quantity and what they had to offer. After driving an 80 mile commute
every day to the tech center, I decided it was finally time to pull the trigger and start my very
first endeavor in ownership. It has been a long time coming, with many obstacles that were in
my way, but if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen.”

Why was the signage requested?  


“The signage was requested to get more visibility on my building. I have digital marketing out there working for me, but I still need the visual for people
to see in the flesh.”
Who are you trying to target with your new signage?
“I am trying to target anyone within eyeshot of the sign. I want people to know there is a new gym in town.”
Did the signs meet your purpose?
“I could not be happier with the sign. It really looks great and illuminates my name in great big letters.”
What kind of feedback have you received from your clientele regarding the sign?
“I havereceived only positive feedback. Everyone thinks it looks great.”