April 2016 Featured Business: Adoption Options

Adoption Options ColoradoContact Person & Title: Erin Groce, Office Manager

Website: adoption-options.com

Phone: 303-695-1601

Business Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Company Story

Adoption Options is an inclusive, non-profit adoption agency celebrating our 35th anniversary year dedicated to enriching the lives of children, youths and families. We provide education, placement services, counseling and support for all members of the adoption community.

Sine 1981, Adoption Options’ philosophy of “Embracing Choices, Enriching Lives” has brought together families of all races, religions and orientations. We are Colorado’s leading non-profit, non-sectarian child placement agency offering an unprecedented range of vital services that benefit adoptive parents, birth parents, community partners and child welfare professionals. Over our 35 years in business we have placed over 1,770 children into families.

We facilitate adoptions of infants, older children, sibling groups, foster children and children with health and emotional challenges from the child welfare system. We offer no-cost decision making counseling to birth parents not to direct their choices, but to provide the best information possible about what those choices are.

We currently have opportunities for volunteers and board memberships with the agency.

Why was the signage requested?

“Last fall we held our first major fundraising event called Buckles, Boots, and Brews, and we needed a variety of signs throughout the event space to help increase awareness, educate and facilitate a successful event.”

Who are you trying to target with your new signage?

“We are currently working with Signarama for a donor recognition wall to be installed in our office which will recognize our donor partners.”

Did the signs meet your purpose?

“Yes, and we are currently working on planning for our second annual Buckles, Boots, and Brews!”

What kind of feedback have you received from your clientele regarding the sign?

“Our signs have helped facilitate important conversations about the agency, what we do and how people can get involved.”

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