16 “Sweet” Facts about Signarama Brighton Colorado

To celebrate our 16 years in business, we wanted to share 16 “sweet” facts about Signarama Brighton that you may or may not have known. This will be a continuously updated blog throughout the year, so make sure to come back and check it out regularly.

Fact#8 – The many animals of Signarama Brighton 


The many animals of Signarama Brighton

It is not every day that you have an employer that has a love for animals so strong that they let you bring your pets to work. And I don’t mean once in a while or just on Fridays, but every day! I have to say as an avid dog lover myself this was a huge benefit working at Signarama. From the day I was interviewed, there was an office cat, Pumpkin, and a chocolate stubby lab, Maggie in the office. And that barely scratches the surface.

Dawn has a passion for the Hobo Boxer care rescue and so at any given time, there could be a rescue or foster in Dawn’s office. Our Office Manager brings in her Shih tzu, Max every day. Both Dawn and her have little doggy gates installed on their office doors. Our production manager has a cozy setup under his desk for his black and brown Chihuahua, Mugo and one of our production assistants brings his little tan chihuahua, Poncho. Back in my beginnings, I was vying for a Boston terrier puppy and as a new employee, I nervously asked Dawn, “Would I be able to bring him to the office?”… her reply, “OF, COURSE!” Before my Boston terrier, Frankie went blind in 2019 I used to bring him to the office where he would lay under my desk in his own bed and just be so happy he got to spend the day with me. We all love our pets so much that we even include them on our “Meet our Team” page on the website. Don’t believe me? Click here and scroll down.  

Fact #7 – From Grad to ISA Elite Member


Mallory Lynn, Marketing Manager 2016 & 2022 Headshots

If you have followed us on social media, read our email blasts, or been a loyal customer you may know who I am. I am currently our Marketing Manager, Mallory Lynn. It didn’t start out this way, that’s for sure! In 2014, I was laid off from a small magazine company about 9 months into my first job out of college. I found myself frantically applying for jobs and came across “Production Manager” for a  company called “Signarama” on Indeed.com. I applied and the next day I interviewed with Dawn Homa. She bluntly told me, “I’ve already filled the Production Manager position, but I like you. I don’t know what I am going to do with you, but I like you.”  

So, thus my career in the sign industry began. I started as Sales Support and Graphic Design, which meant I would lay out proofs for clients, set up their artwork to be ready for production, and also assist with walk-in customers and phone calls. As anyone who is entering the Sign Industry will tell you, it was a whirlwind adventure. There is so much to learn from vocabulary to materials, and printers to best practices, it can be overwhelming. About two years into my journey at Signarama Brighton, I found myself the only customer service employee in the office alongside Dawn for about a month. This really pushed my abilities to quote large projects and become an all-around utility player in the front of the house.  

After a few hires, we were able to redirect my efforts into our marketing strategy. It started as laying out our monthly email blast, editing images for social media, and attending tradeshows and events. As the years passed my involvement in our marketing strategy grew. I began to put full marketing strategies together, build advertising campaigns, and design marketing calendars and collateral. In 2020, Dawn and I took a course to become certified digital marketers that elevated our marketing efforts through the pandemic. 

All the while, I had been applying for a program within our industry called the ISA Elite. This is an Elite Young Professional Program with the International Sign Association. Only 30 participants under the age of 35 are selected each year to come together at the ISA Expo for valuable learning and networking opportunities. These individuals are also invited to a Leadership Conference later in the year to further their growth and relationships within the industry. I had applied for 3 years in a row without any success. So, I told Dawn in 2019, “I’m done.” Unknown to me, Dawn had reached out to influential industry leaders to have them write a reference letter on my behalf. She looked at me and said “Apply… just one more time.” I replied, “UGH okay. I will apply one more time.” 

I WAS ACCEPTED!!! I was so excited and couldn’t believe I had actually got into the program for 2020. And then… the pandemic hit. Canceling the ISA Expo and our Class of 2020. Again, in 2021 ISA went virtual leaving our ISA Elite Class until the following year. Finally, this year in 2022 we got to participate in our program in Atlanta, GA. We are officially the longest standing class in ISA Elite history. So far, it has been an invaluable experience and I have gotten to meet so many great professionals from all different parts of the industry. I am looking forward to the Leadership Conference here in October in Virgina. 

My time at Signarama has been nothing less than a journey of growth and development. I’ve really grown into my own within the Sign industry and have gotten to follow my passion in marketing to wherever it takes us. I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t found that Production Manager position on indeed.com 8 years ago. All I know is that I am grateful to be where I am now and excited to see where we will go next.  

Fact #6 – “I will never…” actually means “eventually”


Our CNC Router, Nifty Lift, and Paint Booth

Working for Dawn I have learned that the statement “I will never…” followed by a Router, a Paint Booth, or a lift really means “eventually”. Back in 2014, I would hear her say “I’m never owning a router”, “we have no place to put it”. By 2017 Dawn had purchased a 10×5’ CNC Router at the ISA show and expanded her lease so we could move equipment into the bay next-door. This had a major impact on our in-house capabilities and helped us expand our product line. For YEARS we had multiple Production Managers attempt to convince Dawn that we needed a paint booth. Some proposed a booth that lived in the rafters and would descend from the ceiling with a system of pullies. We eventually had so many requests for custom colors and painted signs that our customers convinced Dawn in 2021 to invest in a paint booth. She purchased a 10×10’ paint booth that we assembled in-house and we now have the ability to mix paints and provide professionally painted services to our customers. In 2021 I think Dawn even knew that “I will never…” meant “eventually” and she purchased our first “Nifty Lift”. This opened our in-house installation capabilities as we could, quite literally, reach new heights. If you ever hear the Sign Lady go “I will never…” just know, it will eventually happen! 

Fact #5 – Laura Long, Signarama Brighton’s Longest Standing Team Member


Laura Long, Signarama Brighton’s Office Manager Exclusive Interview Video

Find out all about our longest-standing Team Member, Laura Long, and her journey from Graphic Designer to Office Manager. When we have an anniversary, so does Laura! This is her 16th Workiversary with our team. She is what we call “The Asset” and we do not know what we would do without her. Find out some hilarious moments and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Fact #4 – The Great Delete


Jack’s Big Ass USB

Dawn may be a marketing and sales queen, but a technology guru, she is not.   

This is where her husband, Jack, comes in. He sets up and manages our IT network, VOIP phones, Emails, Cloud data, Computers and is our overall technology master. Since 2006 when we opened our doors, Jack has been the guy to take care of all our technical problems.  

In 2014, before we had cloud backup for our data, Dawn decided to back up our art files onto CDs as the network we were using was hitting capacity. This took her most of the day to complete. When she was done, she handed over two CDs to Jack.  

Jack asked, “Where’s the rest of them?”  

Dawn “Rest of what? This is all I have”  

Jack “No way. That can’t be all your files.”  

He went into our art file drive and it was EMPTY. His eyes bugged out and he said,  

“Get me a Big ASS USB. I’m going to have to go find those files.” 

Poor Jack was never able to find those files. 

…And that, my friends, is what we coined the “Great Delete.” We lost a ton of art files that day and thank goodness we had a lot of long-standing loyal customer art files on many older CDs previous to having a network. Whenever we can’t find a file, we blame it on the “Great Delete” and now Dawn is no longer allowed to move art files! 

Fact #3 – “It all started with a dog chained to a tree.”


Diva the Hobo-Care Boxer Rescue Dog

Did you know one of our favorite non-profit organizations to work with is the Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue (an all-volunteer group in Colorado)? Their small group consists of people who care for the homeless, abused, and unwanted Boxers. Ho-Bo Care tries to find permanent and caring homes for these animals.

Our boxers come from shelters that need help, homes where they can’t stay at anymore, or from the streets. Often these animals are starved, sick or neglected. They need food, me­­dicine or medical treatment and sometimes basic training. Mostly, however, they need an owner who is willing to give the necessary attention to the animal. A Boxer is a dog who especially needs human companionship. He needs to be included in the family to be a happy dog. 

Dawn has been involved with Hobo Care Boxer Rescue since 2010 when she rescued a dog that was chained to a tree without shelter and had minimal food and water. Since then, she has fostered and adopted Boxers, picked them up from transfers that come from other states, worked numerous events to raise awareness for dog rescues and sometimes giving a few rescues their forever home.. At Signarama Brighton we have designed and donated various types of signage to them over the years to help support their fundraising and awareness. We, also, feature them frequently on our social media and email blast to help them increase their exposure. Dog Rescues have experienced a heartbreaking & traumatic trend in 2021 with the “Great Return” of adopted dogs after Covid. Today, more than ever, Rescues need to market & hold events to promote themselves, find fosters & attract adopters for their dogs.

Fact #2 – “Well… Shit”


Our customer called in from another state to get graphics at their new Colorado location. The idea was to have their slogan repeated throughout the whole facility, near the top of the walls. It was a struggle to wrap our heads how this was all going to come together.

We went to take measurements and pictures of all the walls including, square pillars that jut out from the wall. We provided a proof for the customer where we had a starting point and endpoint. Part of the slogan reads “Have it in stock, Ship it today.” When it came to installing the graphics, our luck worked out that part of the slogan landed on the side of one of the pillars and read “SHIT” from the front view (see picture).

The installer of course had to take a photo, which I shared with the customer and it was then shared with Corporate. Everyone had a good laugh about it because it was a very unintentional placement. Needless to say, the installer adjusted it to read SHIP. We still talk about this job and laugh about it every time it gets brought up even though it was done about 4 years ago!

Fact #1 – We’ve had a car parked in our Lobby


Picture of a vehicle backing into the storefront Lobby of Signarama Brighton with emergency responders on the scene

In the category of you “Can’t make this stuff up”… The year was 2010. I was at the hospital where my husband, Jack, was having a procedure. I had left instructions with my staff that “I didn’t want any phone calls unless the building was burning down.” About a half-hour after he was taken into surgery, my phone rang. 

It was my office manager, Laura. She said, “I know you only wanted to be called if it is an emergency, but a car hit our building.” 

Me: (whispering because I’m in the waiting room) “OK… so is there any damage? Everything OK?” 

Laura: “No you don’t understand… There is a car in our lobby”

Me: (VERY LOUD VOICE) “There is a car in our lobby?!” 

At this point all the people in the waiting room are looking at me so as I’m talking to Laura, I’m explaining to them what happened. An elderly man was backing up his car from the Village Inn that was 4 doors down. Somehow he hit the gas and zoomed backward through the parking lot and backed right into our storefront. The rebar from the brick below our windows snagged the car which prevented it from going all the way through the front office. This could certainly have been much worse. He also ran over the fire hydrant. And contrary to popular belief, when a car hits a fire hydrant, the water does not go off, but the hydrant does get thrown off its base and when it hit the brick pillars, knocked out a 2-foot section of brick. I can hear Laura talking to the man. He is trying to remove the car from the lobby and the engine is roaring. I scream into the phone “tell him to turn the car off!” He finally does. I told Laura to take a ton of pictures and call our insurance company. I would be there as soon as I could find someone to pick up Jack and take him home. 

Just then the nurse came in and said I could see Jack. I walk into the recovery room and Jack is fairly coherent. I tell him what happened, that I was going to get our neighbor to come get him and then I would go to the shop. He looks me square in the eye and says “ Did you call the news?”  And then demands to go to the shop with me. (And No we never did call the news. Though in hindsight, we should have.) 

When we got to the building, the car was removed, but the entire front glass and entrance door were gone. I was surprised and amazed to see our two Property Managers, in their suits, helping to clean up the glass and debris. Summit Group is no longer, but they were incredible during this entire situation. Laura created a banner that we installed over the boarded-up storefront. It showed the photo of the car in our lobby with a headline:

“We thought a drive-through would be a good idea..” 

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident. It is absolutely one of the top 16 crazy things that happened to us over the last 16 Years.