16 “Sweet” Facts about Signarama Brighton Colorado

To celebrate our 16 years in business, we wanted to share 16 “sweet” facts about Signarama Brighton that you may or may not have known. This will be a continuously updated blog throughout the year, so make sure to come back and check it out regularly.

Fact #1 – We’ve had a car parked in our Lobby


Picture of a vehicle backing into the storefront Lobby of Signarama Brighton with emergency responders on the scene

In the category of you “Can’t make this stuff up”… The year was 2010. I was at the hospital where my husband, Jack, was having a procedure. I had left instructions with my staff that “I didn’t want any phone calls unless the building was burning down.” About a half-hour after he was taken into surgery, my phone rang. 

It was my office manager, Laura. She said, “I know you only wanted to be called if it is an emergency, but a car hit our building.” 

Me: (whispering because I’m in the waiting room) “OK… so is there any damage? Everything OK?” 

Laura: “No you don’t understand… There is a car in our lobby”

Me: (VERY LOUD VOICE) “There is a car in our lobby?!” 

At this point all the people in the waiting room are looking at me so as I’m talking to Laura, I’m explaining to them what happened. An elderly man was backing up his car from the Village Inn that was 4 doors down. Somehow he hit the gas and zoomed backward through the parking lot and backed right into our storefront. The rebar from the brick below our windows snagged the car which prevented it from going all the way through the front office. This could certainly have been much worse. He also ran over the fire hydrant. And contrary to popular belief, when a car hits a fire hydrant, the water does not go off, but the hydrant does get thrown off its base and when it hit the brick pillars, knocked out a 2-foot section of brick. I can hear Laura talking to the man. He is trying to remove the car from the lobby and the engine is roaring. I scream into the phone “tell him to turn the car off!” He finally does. I told Laura to take a ton of pictures and call our insurance company. I would be there as soon as I could find someone to pick up Jack and take him home. 

Just then the nurse came in and said I could see Jack. I walk into the recovery room and Jack is fairly coherent. I tell him what happened, that I was going to get our neighbor to come get him and then I would go to the shop. He looks me square in the eye and says “ Did you call the news?”  And then demands to go to the shop with me. (And No we never did call the news. Though in hindsight, we should have.) 

When we got to the building, the car was removed, but the entire front glass and entrance door were gone. I was surprised and amazed to see our two Property Managers, in their suits, helping to clean up the glass and debris. Summit Group is no longer, but they were incredible during this entire situation. Laura created a banner that we installed over the boarded-up storefront. It showed the photo of the car in our lobby with a headline:

“We thought a drive-through would be a good idea..” 

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident. It is absolutely one of the top 16 crazy things that happened to us over the last 16 Years.