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  • They used to say…

    They used to say ‘do one thing and do it the best’   Today it’s “do many things and do them great”.   If you don’t change with the demands and requirements of your customers, they will go elsewhere.   Over the last few years we have seen a number of our vendors and customers vanish. […]

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  • Just Pick Up the Phone!

      Did you ever experience this? Emails being sent with comments on your drawings, plans or documents., You make the change and then more emails come with comments telling you that you made the wrong change So you modify the document again, based on what you read and think is wanted Another email comes back […]

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  • 5 Things that Improve Luck

    Luck, timing and preparation –  By Tim Connor Is there any such thing as luck? The luck of the Irish?  You lucky stiff… or – I never win anything…  Everywhere people seem to have different views of luck or good fortune.  I believe in timing and I also believe in synchronicity – that concept where […]

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  • Signs of Support

    It’s that time of year again, when charities and nonprofits throw their fundraising efforts into high gear.

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  • 10 years of SIGNARAMA

    January 2016 was our 10 Year Anniversary. I would love to say that over the past ten years, I now have all the answers to running, growing and nurturing a business. But, just like with children, a business doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  You have to learn as you go and sometimes the “going” […]

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  • Signarama Recently Featured on Signweb

    With the political season well under way and what is sure to be an interesting Presidential election ahead of us, trade magazine Signweb recently wrote an article highlighting shops around the country that have provided signage for political candidates. With a long history of working with political candidates, Signarama is excited to have been included […]

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  • The Influence of Color on Memory

    According to the Malaysian Journal of Medical Science, color is thought to be the most important visual experience for humans. Color can be used in marketing in a variety of ways and is a key component to creating signage that stands out. With an ability to increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent, color […]

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  • Community Involvement Is Great for Business!

      Community involvement is a great way to make a splash! Showing your community how much you care will create a friendly environment and make your business a vital part of the town. Forming strong relationships with your customers will take you far; follow these tips to get involved! Build Relationships Build relationships with community […]

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